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System Overview

system overview

The Azdec system is a short range digitally encoded infra-red communication system primarily for secure and interference free voice communication.

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Because the Azdec system is unique we often get questions about the equipment and technology so here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Azdec infra-red communication equipment is used in secure training environments, for air traffic control and is in service on board a variety of naval vessels around the world.

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Who we are


Azdec was founded in 1986 manufacturing infra-red based control systems and developed the first Azdec infra-red voice communication system in 1997.

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Data Sheets


Around the core technology of the system we have a number of different options that can be employed but if you don’t see what you want please contact us for further information.

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Latest News

New antenna tester simplifies maintenance


Our new antenna tester simplifies and speeds up checks carried out by maintenance personnel. Correct operation of Azdec infrared antennas can now be quickly and easily verified by means of the new han...

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Welcome to Azdec

We use infra-red technology to provide totally secure short-range voice communication systems. Our infra-red transmissions are practically impossible to detect so Azdec systems are used where security is a primary concern or where radio signals may adversely affect sensitive electronic systems or flammable atmospheres.

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